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When it comes to environmental audits & compliance, save your energy - use ours. Our world-leading system is used across the mining, energy, construction and other resource-intensive industries.

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Through process and technology, only Greenbase can provide a managed compliance system where science, engineering and accounting fuse together to deliver complete environmental accounting solutions that are audit ready.
Pollutant Inventories
Assistance with yearly pollutant reporting inventories including PRTR, NPI, TRI and NPRI obligations.
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Greenhouse Gas & Energy Reporting
Accurate and timely Greenhouse Gas Reporting services.
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Water Accounting
High level water balance including tailings and entrained water.
CSR AND Sustainability Reporting
An efficient, value-adding reporting and consultancy service for companies requiring Corporate Social Responsibility reports (CSR) or sustainability reports.
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Value Added Services
Customised reports and information to support audits, public enquiries and other requirements. Assistance with environmental risk and impact assessments and analysis.
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Taking your business beyond compliance

The benefits of our specialised environmental accounting provide value for now and for the future.
No more reporting headaches
We have invested thousands of hours in developing a reporting process and platform that ensures that each reporting step receives exactly the right amount of scrutiny, validation, verification and review to deliver on our mandate ‘audit-ready reports, always’.
Reduce costs through efficiencies
Many of our clients have reported a clear return on their investment in our service and system by way of reduced costs from external audit and assurance services and reduced time from internal resources – without even quantifying the value-adds.
Gain actionable insights
CSR reports do more than just meet stakeholder demands, they empower companies to go beyond compliance to improved productivity, lower costs and environmental stewardship.

The NGER Review:
20 changes that could affect your industry over the next 3 years

Download our free report outlining the possible changes resulting from the Climate Change Authority’s review of the Nation Greenhouse & Energy Reporting legislation.
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The Greenbase Way™

Our tried and tested process conforms to Environmental Accounting Principles and ensures audit-ready reports, always.
Organisational Reporting Boundaries (ORB) Reporting Frameworks, Thresholds and Activity Triggers
Decide and justify what’s in and what’s out Create a Chart of Reportable Activities Link preferred and allowable method per activity
Plan and Design
Data Collection Process Data requirements and schedule Measurement regime definitions Verification, validation, reconciliation and mass balance checkpoints Document process and procedure
Project management, data management services, process management, services, Data Entry and Configuration
Draft Review
Year on Year, KPI’S, Industry Benchmarks Limits and Exceedance
Final Review and Sign off
Electronic or Manual
Support and Improve
Audit Support, legislation and regulation updates. Analytics and valued added services


The Greenbase service is high quality and professional, and client support is excellent.
Phil ReadheadSenior Environmental OfficerMount Gibson Iron

Over 4000 compliant reports can't be wrong. Get in touch with Greenbase today and find out how we can help.