Our Team

With a combined 120 years of environmental accounting experience, the Greenbase team understands that clients require both solid science and adherence to accounting principles.

Our team has deep experience in across the board environmental reporting, including risk and impact assessment and environmental analysis.



Russell goes with the flow. He started the company in 1990 so it is his entire fault. When not reading legislation or driving environmental accounting he enjoys being the chairman and providing sage advice.


Dave is a gas. He also heads up our GIMS team (Greenbase Index of Methods and Standards) and knows each of our current 1400 methods and standards intimately. Dave also oversees the engagement models with our various Partners. He is also rumoured to be quite good at something called field hockey?


Sue builds her reports using her much invoked KISS principle. Build them solid and as simple as possible. Sue applies the same principle to fill the penalty box when refereeing on the lacrosse field.


Hutty can tell you a thousand ways to dig a hole. (Occasionally with him in it). He is so good at holes that he was part of the team that created the design for one of the top 5 best holes (on paper) at the International Mining Games in Colorado in 2014. When not examining holes he likes to travel to places with no holes.


With a Chemical Engineering background Emma has spent many years trying to recover the good bits from the stuff that Hutty’s friends dig up. When not creating environmental accounts Emma is building her house, raising her kids, wrangling her husband and occasionally getting some sleep.


In addition to Environmental accounting, Anne can help to describe the impact of the hard and shiny on the soft and furry, especially in freshwater. Anne likes freshwater critters so much she teaches swimming in her spare time.


Gina also has experience with OHS and Environmental Audit. A fluent Spanish speaker she will try to set a new mouth speed record this year in both English and Spanish. In her spare time Gina practices ice skating, trains very hard at the gym and occasionally introduces us to Colombian cuisine.


In addition to Environmental Accounting Hiu also heads up the manual team so all the important stuff gets documented. Hiu is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese and is currently well on her way to mastering Australian. Hiu has been voted Greenbase miss congeniality the last 2 years running. In her spare time Hiu is currently learning married life.


Margaret got her Masters in Geography focusing on Lake Geomorphology in the Land of the Long White Cloud (and many lakes). No lake was ever harmed in any of the Environmental Approvals she approved as a Consent Planner. If you like the Big Band sound you can see her on Trombone at the next WA Fire and Emergency Services Concert Band gig.


Some say you mix Applied Chemistry and Environmental Management and you get Primordial Soup. We say you get Karyn. When not cooking up your reports she can be found encouraging organic growth in her kids or perhaps one of yours as a Sciguide at Scitech.

Information Systems


Al heads up the IT team. He has been instrumental in the development of IGAN our Environmental Accounting System over the last 15 years. It is his baby and requests for change had better be for the better. Like Mr Ed he’s always on a steady course and Yakkity-yak will only waste your time of day.


(Yes that is a name) works mainly on the bits you cannot see, the dark arts. His work on the Groundhog project over 2 years has been instrumental in our ability to start working with Partners on IGAN. In his spare time we think he reads and memorises dictionaries so as to dominate lunchtime Bananagrams.


works on moulding the utilitarian systems and tools we use internally and making them beautiful and functional for our clients and partners. He is torn at the moment between following the Hague, Delft or Impressionist schools for the systems look and feel. A true aesthetic, frustrated ornithologist and casual cartographer for whom Google Street View is to maps as haute is to cuisine.

Supporting Roles


makes sure the office functions so the rest of us can do our thing without having to worry about such mundane things as getting paid, what we sit on, what we write on etc. Always helpful always well turned out a gentleman in the true sense of the word. Loves buying shoes.


Started life in business selling credit card terminals in Africa. He was so successful he decided to make a contribution to sustainability and take over environmental accounting. He uses his very varied background to try and figure out where we are, where our clients would like us to be and what do we need to do to get there. He has been heard to say his job is to create opportunities? We say great, make sure they are right ones. In his spare time Chris is studying rugby union and is hoping to use it to develop a Unified Theory of Conflict Resolution.