Your Sustainability Journey is unique. The pathway is shared.

Greenbase can help you navigate every stage of your journey. Depending on your drivers, context, and organisational requirements, we take you from compliance reporting to a performance-driven, sustainability management system.

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Stage 1

Getting Started

The first stage of every sustainability journey begins with understanding your context, obligations, materiality, & identifying reporting boundaries.

Functional characteristics:
You aim to identify what, why & how

Your audience:
Internal stakeholders

Risk & compliance

Stage 2


Here, you are doing what is legally required. Your frame may be limited, approach to materiality may be ad hoc, or you may not apply multiple lenses to risks & situations.

Functional characteristics:
A basic, annual Sustainability Report

Your audience:

Risk & compliance

Stage 3

Beyond Compliance

In this stage you want to do more because it’s the right thing to do. You recognise the value of formalised, transparent disclosure.

Functional characteristics:
Formal processes. A sustainability dataset. Multiple frameworks.

Your audience:
Investors & external stakeholders

Risk & opportunity

Stage 4


In this stage reporting is refined & you use your sustainability datasets to set KPI’s & track performance.

Functional characteristics:
Data-driven insights inform KPI’s & goals. You monitor performance periodically (e.g. quarterly).

Your audience:
Investors & external/internal stakeholders

Performance, risk & opportunity

Stage 5


In the final stage, you understand the importance & value of embedding sustainability across your organisation. Sustainability is connected to organisational purpose & performance.

Functional characteristics:
Sustainability embedded in strategy & targets. Action-oriented leadership. A Sustainability Management System

Your audience:
All business stakeholders

Purpose, performance, risk & opportunity

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