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While your sustainability journey is unique, you’re travelling with good company.

Greenbase, with its Envago platform, help organisations navigate and manage reporting and compliance challenges to become leaders in the industry.

Depending on your drivers, context, and organisational requirements, Greenbase will guide you through the compliance reporting maze and equip you with a performance-driven sustainability management system.

You can choose to self-manage your journey, through licensed access to the Envago Platform or work with the Greenbase team to manage your journey for you.

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Stage 1

Start Here

Every sustainability journey begins with identifying, understanding and articulating your context, obligations, materiality and reporting boundaries.

Functional characteristics:
Identify what, why and how.

Your audience:
Internal stakeholders.

Risk and compliance.

Stage 2


Next, we audit your processes to ensure they meet your legal obligations. Many organisations discover their frame is limited, approach to materiality is ad hoc, or the they haven’t taken multiple lenses to risks and situations.

Functional characteristics:
A basic, annual Sustainability Report.

Your audience:

Risk and compliance.

Stage 3

Beyond Compliance

Now that leadership recognises the value of formalised, transparent disclosure, it’s time to choose the mountaintops where your team wants to plant the flag, exceeding obligations and expectations.

Functional characteristics:
Formal processes. A sustainability dataset. Multiple frameworks.

Your audience:
Investors and external stakeholders.

Risk and opportunity.

Stage 4


In Stage 4, reporting is refined and you’ll use your sustainability datasets to set KPIs and track performance.

Functional characteristics:
Data-driven insights inform regularly monitored KPIs and goals.

Your audience:
Investors and all stakeholders.

Performance, risk and opportunity.

Stage 5


The final stage is your ‘new normal’. All stakeholders believe in the value of sustainability thinking and ESG policies are connected to organisational purpose and performance.

Functional characteristics:
Sustainability embedded in strategy and targets. Action-oriented leadership. A Sustainability Management System.

Your audience:
All business stakeholders.

Purpose, performance, risk and opportunity.

Find out how else we can turn your complex environmental and sustainability data into a clear pathway that you can follow with confidence.

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