New emissions reporting structure for power generation company

The company in this case study has been anonymised for confidentiality purposes.


The company in this case study has been anonymised for confidentiality purposes.

A large Australian power generation company decided to improve the quality and confidence in their Pollutant emissions reports and provide a comprehensive assessment of their emissions profile to the public.

The company sought to identify and manage their major emission sources in a more practical and efficient way and implement a new reporting structure to enable regular assessment of their emissions profile throughout the year, in preparation for final report submissions.

The main objectives identified by the company were to:

  • Enhance the quality control / quality assurance of data at each stage of the reporting process
  • Provide quarterly emissions reports for facilities to monitor their emissions projections
  • Provide ranking predictions for a number of high profile NPI substances throughout the reporting period. 

The Solution: Systematic estimation and reporting

Through the use of the IGAN™ software and Greenbase Way process, Greenbase was able to assist in the production of standardised reporting processes with several check points, to improve data quality control and validation.

Increasing the report frequency internally for forecasting and management

By providing quarterly emissions reports to the company for a number of its facilities, Greenbase was able to accurately project substance emissions for major emission sources well before report submission deadlines. This approach provided the opportunity to interpret the results and disseminate information throughout the company before the results were made public.

This structured process ensures there are no unexpected results in the final report and has fostered a more comprehensive data collection process across the company’s facilities.

Estimated emission rankings

Greenbase also provide estimated emission rankings for a number of NPI substances, based on emissions projections and published NPI data from the previous reporting period. This is a critical objective for the high-profile substances that the company reports to the NPI, as it identifies the substances likely to draw extra media attention once reports are published.

Benefits: Security through knowledge and processes

Greenbase provides quarterly reports with emissions projections and ranking estimates to identify high-profile substances and inform staff in the company before reports are published.

Final reports are generated with Greenbase’s IGAN™ software, providing a standardised, auditable approach to environmental reporting. This process has improved overall reporting confidence, improved the on-site data collection process and dissemination of information across the company, and created a comprehensive platform for generating complete, accurate and transparent environmental reports for the company.

Greenbase provide environmental accounting services to a range of industries and for a number of environmental reports. They possess a highly specialised knowledge-base that allows staff to provide expert analysis of emissions rankings, projections and report results. This helps support complex questions asked by the company’s staff, report auditors and external media.

This breadth and depth of expertise across industries that is captured at Greenbase, is of great value to the company, particularly due to the scrutiny the company receives once reports are published.

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