Gold Mining Company wants to lead its industry in sustainability reporting

The company in this case study has been anonymised for confidentiality purposes.


The company in this case study has been anonymised for confidentiality purposes.

This case study focuses on a multinational gold mining company that understands and embraces the drive for environmentally sustainable practices in mining. The company decided to voluntarily produce an annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report – as well as to increase efficiency in the obligated reporting schemes of the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) and National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER). As an ICMM member, although voluntary, the CSR reporting is subject to Audit.

This presented a number of challenges for the Greenbase team:

– Develop a streamlined process with central data collection and a data management system that allows for the traceability and auditability of data.
– Avoid collecting the same data multiple times.
– Work out how to implement a data validation and approval process for various data collection points – due to operations in multiple countries and numerous review/approval processes.

The Solution: Our online Sustainability Reporting and Accounting System | IGAN™

Greenbase was able to streamline the process by providing a customised platform for data collection and report calculation that ensured reporting obligations were met on time and to the highest standard.

With the power of Greenbase’s in-house software suite – IGAN™ – the company was able to centralise data collection and rationalise report calculation.

The COUNT system made things seamless

Due to the fact that the company had already completed NGER and NPI reporting in IGAN, CSR reporting was made easier and the relevant GHG emissions and pollutants are seamlessly fed into the CSR report using the Greenbase COUNT model.

COUNT (Collect Once and Use Numerous Times) allows for the ability to identify the overlap in requirements by accounting for data once and utilising it in multiple instances.

Mapping Data to increase visibility

All data was mapped to relevant GRI disclosure and presented on the website where the company could view and download all relevant data in once place.

Data collection schedules

A data collection schedule was established with a visual display of what data was required from which department/staff member. The data was then organised as to when and if it had been received or if it was overdue, prompting relevant people to act and allow management to keep track of the process and timeline.

Variance identification for accurate reporting

A variance reports feature was developed to assist with identifying sudden increases or decreases in values from year to year.

Minimising errors via approval processes

A review and approval process was also developed to ensure all data was reviewed and approved by relevant authorising officers before it is finalised and sent to designers/publishers.

Benefits: The Greenbase Difference

The IGAN™ system and Greenbase Way process not only saved the company time and money, it fostered a much higher confidence in the accuracy of data and the quality of its reports.

Combined with the various other systems implemented, the company was able to ensure all reports, both required and voluntary, were of the highest possible accuracy and efficiency, with little room for human error.

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