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Creating a carbon neutral future for all is now business as usual.

Greenbase gives you the knowledge to monitor and measure your progress towards your Net Zero targets.

Large organisations are leading the way on greenhouse gas emissions disclosure and reduction. Stakeholders are taking note and providing the drive to make this an inevitable requirement for all businesses.

To achieve carbon neutral targets, empower strategic decision making and reduce company risk, you first need to understand where you are now. That’s where we come in.

Greenbase’s Net Zero reporting shows the balance between the greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere by a company and those taken out.


Net Zero reporting benefits

Cost effective. Measuring emissions helps manage pathways and reduce direct energy cost. You also stay ahead of the curve on externally imposed carbon costs.

Protect and optimise your business and activities by providing transparency to embed data-driven decision making in your business’ strategy and initiatives.

Reduce reputational, physical and transitional risks while meeting stakeholder and investor climate expectations.

Reduce your environmental impact. Net Zero reporting gives clarity to your current carbon footprint while allowing you to forecast and measure progress towards targets.

NGER program benefits without sweating the small stuff.

Efficient and reliable. The Greenbase Way™ promises an efficient, fixed price and on time process which uses our IGAN™ GHG accounting system with no capex, minimal implementation costs, no costly ongoing maintenance and support.

While the path to Net Zero is different for each business, calculating and reporting carbon data helps identify a current, clear baseline.

Greenbase gives you the knowledge to monitor and measure your progress towards yourNet Zero targets.

Our Process
The Greenbase Way™ to delivering reporting.
What's in. What's out.
We ask you for some high-level, easily available data to arrive at an estimate of your carbon footprint based on your organisational reporting boundaries.
Data gathering
We evaluate your sites before providing a customised data collection template for the creation of a carbon account. This includes the granularity to assess opportunity areas. We can also advise on opportunity areas at the macro level.
Clear results
Your carbon account will be maintained by Greenbase to analyse, create, record and track the implementation of your transition to Net Zero.

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