Our Environmental Accounting Platform – IGAN™

We have developed propriety, world-leading environmental accounting software, known as IGAN™, for the reporting and recording of non-financial data.

The IGAN™ system is a single platform, integrating all data, tools and processes into the one system to deliver accurate, audit-ready reports and accounts – always.

IGAN™ integrates:

  • All data streams and calculation methods relating to the recording and reporting of environmental indicators
  • Compliance reporting processes and standards using GIMS – the Greenbase Index of Methods and Standards (which currently covers over 8,000 industrial activities across more than 50 sectors)
  • Document management tools
  • Communication and workflow management tools
  • A highly customisable accounting and report framework generator

How can you benefit from the advantages of IGAN™?

Our environmental and accounting service, using IGAN™, is tailored to clients’ needs. We offer two service options:

Outcomes-based service

Our outcomes-based service quotes a fixed price for the deliverable. This may be a submission of a report or a set of accounts.

Find out more about the reports and accounts we can provide.

Platform-based service

Like our outcomes-based service, the use of our IGAN™ software is also based on a defined deliverable and is “pay per use” not a subscription or licence model.

We can tailor our service as your capabilities and capacities require. If the benefit is there, we can train your staff to use IGAN™, which can be accessed on a pay per use basis.

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