From our new Reporting Portal and Dashboard in IGAN to communications and process improvements, workshops and new online training session… we never lose sight of our objective to continue providing the best environmental accounting service globally!

New Reporting Portal

The new Reporting Portal in IGAN has been very well received as indicated by some of our clients’ comments:

“Also really like the online system.”

“I was just showing my new colleague, who is relatively new to NPI, the new [client] website. We just went in and found our way around without any issue at all. We didn’t need to refer to your training tool. It is excellent.”

“By the way the new [client] website is really easy to use whoever designed it kept it simple and intuitive, congratulations.”

New Dashboard

If you are still using the Greenbase Classic view – do yourself a favour and try the new one.

Besides being easier to use and cleaner, some of the new features such as the Data Scheduler, Drag and Drop upload and Contactor templates have been a hit. The Dashboard concept is really starting to take off and special thanks goes to our clients AGL, Newcrest and Curtin for pushing this into new areas of use.

The next step on our technology roadmap is the internal release of the Reporting Admin section of the portal at the end of this month, ready for partner and power user release around mid-year. Although most clients will never see this section, it is a key enabler for the many enhancements we expect to flow through to the Reporting Portal over time. Stay tuned for updates down the track.

GIMS (Greenbase Index of Methods and Standards)

Dave and the Greenbase GIMS Team had a busy year with updates or additions of 109 methods. 35 related to NPRI and GHG for Canadian Oil and Gas, 26 for Australian NPI in general and 45 specifically for Power Generation and Landfill. Only 2 were required for NGER’s after the Determination update in 2016.

Process improvements

We undertook a number of process improvement engagements with clients over the year ranging from streamlining the data collection process to producing enhanced Basis of Preparation documents to support Standard Operating Procedures, Guidelines and Protocols.


The Breakfast Reporting Strategy Workshops were very useful in helping you to communicate your environmental accounting needs and for us to jointly agree priorities for your Reporting Portfolio as well as identify areas of possible alignment, efficiencies and consistency. Many participants found it useful in “making the connection” between the various statutory reports and broader public disclosure reporting such as CSR. We will continue and expand these sessions in 2018.

Online training program

Our training program for the Greenbase Way, our best practice accounting and reporting process, has been revamped in the light of the technology changes we have made and we will be releasing a series of recorded training sessions on the website in the first half of 2018 to help you upskill.

If you have feedback on any of the above, or wish to make a suggestion on how we can further improve our service, contact us.