In 2017, our team produced 321 reports and statutory submissions for 122 client accounts across mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, chemical, ports and shipping, power generation, higher education and landfill.

15 resubmissions were made under our Continuous Improvement Process and all reports were prepared on time, on budget and with no significant audit findings.

By major report type:

  • Pollutant Inventory: 215
  • Energy and GHG:48
  • Safeguard: 12
  • CSR/ESG/Other: 46

2017 Client survey

To make sure we keep delivering, every year we run a client survey to assess how we’re doing and how we can improve.

We can now reveal the results of the 2017 customer satisfaction survey… which are again pleasingly positive! However, the results represent only 30% of our client base – we need you to tell us where to improve!


Survey feedback

Only two comments suggested improvements, one site specific and one general;

“Not so much do better, but as extra and that is monthly updates on the changing status of greenhouse management from the Australian Government.”

GB Team response: we will release a monthly bulletin from February 2018 highlighting upcoming statutory changes. Make sure you receive it by signing up to our enews

“My only suggestion would be a quarterly data check to identify any issues early-on. It’s often hard to rectify some data collection issues 12 months down the track. Other than that I think Greenbase perform an outstanding service and makes our NPI submission a seamless compliance exercise.”

GB Team response: we provide monthly and quarterly data processing for many of our clients already – we will contact you to arrange the same!

We greatly appreciate all comments as opportunities to learn and improve, please keep them coming. You can email us at any time with feedback.